SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man involved in a crash that killed one person on October 14 in Springfield has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony assault.

According to a probable cause report, Andrew Irizarry-Sierra was traveling eastbound in a Ford Taurus on Sunshine at a high rate of speed when he was observed by an officer. The officer drove eastbound when he came upon the crash scene.

Domingues Buenrostro, 26, was a passenger in a 2016 Toyota RAV4 that was rear-ended by the speeding car. Buenrostro was transported to Mercy where he later died from his injuries. The driver of the RAV4 suffered heavy bruising and couldn’t recall the details of the accident, according to the probable cause statement.

Irizarry-Sierra’s driving pattern was captured on five city cameras, according to the probable cause statement. They all showed he was driving at a high rate of speed, narrowly avoiding two other crashes before he struck the RAV4. The officer determined through a time distance analysis that the car was traveling 110 MPH from Sunshine and Jefferson to the crash.

The Crash Data Retrieval report shows that during the five seconds before the crash, no brakes were applied and the top speed reached was 109 MPH.