GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — Charges have been dismissed without prejudice in a fatal crash on July 22, that killed Crane-native Jonathan Wright. 

“You want to get every case right. I mean, there’s no question about that,” Bill Prince, with the Greene County Juvenile Division said. “When you dismiss a case without prejudice, that means that you can file it within any time in the statute of limitation period.” 

At the time of the crash, a five-car wreck on Kansas Expressway and Sunshine, police said speed and alcohol may have been factors.  

Prince says more investigating needs to be done.  

“We received an initial report from Springfield police, the date that it happened, indicating that a juvenile may have been involved as the driver of the vehicle. Subsequent investigation by Springfield police has come to the conclusion that it may well not have been that juvenile, and they’re looking at other suspects,” Prince said. “There are very serious consequences potentially for youth who commit serious crimes at this point in time. My understanding is, is that this youth is no longer a suspect, and I think they’re investigating some adults”  

Recently, Springfield Police have asked for information regarding witnesses to the crash.  

OzarksFirst spoke to a former co-worker of Wright’s, who says he just wants justice for his friend.

“I’d say that I’m not 100% sure on all [court] procedures, on everything,” Cole Watson said. “I would like to see justice for my friend, for his family, to get some kind of closure, to get something to where hopefully it will help them feel better. I trust the legal system to hopefully do their part.” 

Watson says life’s nowhere near normal after Wright’s death.  

“It’s hard to believe. I mean, that it happened and that he was gone. He was such a bright person to be around that,” Watson said. “It even feels just wrong that he’s gone, like, just not seeing him day to day, it’s just like a hole. Just like he’s missing.”