SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — In today’s Pet Connection segment, we were visited by area cat Starfire and Samantha Reid of the nonprofit Stray Animals Matter to talk about cat adoption and fostering.

Starfire was in the studio last month as an ambassador for her litter of six, which was turned into Stray Animals Matter when they were about three weeks old.

All of her siblings except for her and her tuxedo brother have been adopted since then, but she is still looking for her home. She has completed her veterinary visits and purs patiently for someone to bring her in. Starfire is now about four months old.

Anyone interested in adopting Starfire or her brother can visit the Petco at 3840 W. Washita St. starting tomorrow, Aug, 25.

“That’s where we have a lot of our adoptable kitties,” Reid said. “So if we want to go meet her, you can go tomorrow afternoon.”

As always, Stray Animals Matter is in need of fosters. If you want to help cats in Springfield but aren’t ready to own one, fostering a cat for a limited time is one way you can help. If you become a foster, Stray Animal Matter provides food, litter, and vet appointment bills.

Those interested can reach out to Stray Animals Matter at strayanimalsmatter@gmail.com or 417-986-1061.