Cassville Students Have Chance to Win Scholarship Money

CASSVILLE, Mo. - Students in Cassville, Missouri now have a chance to win scholarship money after a major donation to the district.

JD Riddle, a former student & teacher in Cassville many years ago, passed away last week but he left behind one *million* dollars for the school district.

Riddle kept his donation a secret and the school was notified just last December.

The money will be rolled into a trust fund and each year, the interest gained on a million dollars will be enough to fund one large scholarship or several small ones.

Cassville Superintendent Dr. Richard Asbill says the school is still working with attorneys to finalize plans for the money.

But the district hopes juniors will be able to apply for the scholarship starting next school year.

If your child is interested to be eligible for the money, a student will need to major in education, attend and teach in a Missouri school.

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