KANSAS CITY, Mo — (KCTV) In an interview with KCTV in Kansas City, the biological father of Cassidy Rainwater’s son says her disappearance is heartbreaking. “My mind didn’t go to, she’s fine, my mind went to, something happened,” said Ben, who did not want his full name shared. Cassidy Rainwater’s disappearance is making headlines across the country – but few know what exactly happened to her – including Ben.

He told KCTV “Oh it’s shocking it’s…it’s devastating and shocking it’s…it’s not something you deal with on a daily basis or hear about or somebody who’s even close to you. It’s just a crazy world we live in and I don’t, I can’t even process the feelings right now, to be honest with you.” 

Tonight two men remain in jail. James Phelps and Timothy Norton are accused of kidnapping and terrorizing Rainwater. 

Ben says their son’s adoptive family is trying to shield him from the case, and that they were the ones who let him know about what’s going on. Ben says he spoke with Cassidy every once in a while…and before she went missing – he was trying to help. “She was in a bad way like at that time but I’m pretty sure she was homeless, and she and I were talking and just like, you know come, you know, come to Kansas City we’ll, we’ll get things figured out,” Ben recalled. According to court documents, Phelps told authorities he was letting Cassidy stay in his loft while she got back on her feet. 

Through our research, OzarksFirst has learned Cassidy also has other children, but it’s unclear if she had custody of them when her path led her to Moon Valley Road, as what took place on that property remains a mystery. 

“It’s not going to be good. I don’t think the end result is going to be one that anybody wants to hear,” said Ben. 

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office addressed rumors in a social media post and asked people not to believe everything they read on crime blogs or see on TikTok. The Sheriff said he expects additional charges to be filed soon.