DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. – The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook Thursday evening to address the rumors surrounding Cassidy Rainwater’s disappearance.

The case has been charged with bizarre rumors and the law enforcement officers working on the investigation have spoken up, explaining that the source of accurate information on the case comes from reputable sources such as the Sheriff’s Office itself, rather than social media.

Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice explained in the post that investigating a crime scene takes a long time and that the task cannot be accomplished in a few minutes like it is done in a TV show.

“This isn’t a tv series or movie where we go to commercial break and have lab results in 15 minutes. Searching a crime scene for 7 days 24 hours a day takes that long, 168 hours,” says Rice.

The Sheriff did indicate that more information may be released soon, however.

“We are working in the real-world and this is an active ongoing investigation. When all members of the prosecution team believe that it is appropriate to release information, we will keep you informed. Until that time, I can tell you we have all parties involved with Cassidy Rainwater’s case in jail and we expect additional charges to be filed in the coming days,” says Rice.

You can read the entire post below: