SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — James Phelps, one of the men accused of kidnapping and killing Cassidy Rainwater filed several motions.

Phelps’ public defender Tom Jacquinot has filed a motion to dismiss a charge of abandonment of a corpse, a motion to record all court proceedings, and a motion that Phelps will appear in person at his pre-trial conference on Friday, March 18, and at all future hearings. Jacquinot also filed a notice of the defense’s intention to conduct interviews of laboratory examiners before the preliminary hearing.

The state has filed a response to the request that the defendant appears in person at all proceedings.

Cassidy Rainwater’s remains were found on a property where Phelps lived. Phelps and Norton were arrested in September and charged with the kidnapping of Cassidy Rainwater. Rainwater was last seen in July and was reported missing in late August.