BUFFALO, Mo. — Court documents filed in the murder case against one of two men accused in the murder of Cassidy Rainwater indicate that child pornography and pornography of a violent nature were among items found in his home.

That material and other photographs and videos that depict the crime scene and Rainwater’s “evisceration and dismemberment” are subject to a judge’s restrictions on who may view them and under what circumstances.

Dallas County Associate Circuit Court Judge Lisa Henderson ruled in her orders of protection regarding the alleged pornography, the photos, and the videos of Rainwater “in any state” that Timothy Norton’s defense attorney will be provided copies of the material as required by law.

But it can only be viewed by people “essential for trial preparation,” in judicial proceedings and by expert witnesses, according to the orders.

If those witnesses are provided copies of the material, they must return it to defense attorneys. Norton himself may not possess the material or view it except in the presence of one of his attorneys or their staff.

Norton is accused, along with James D. Phelps of the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Rainwater at a property where Phelps was staying near Windyville.

Probable court documents in their cases indicate investigators believe the two men held the 33-year-old woman in a cage and later killed her and dismembered her body.

Online court records show Norton waived his preliminary hearing earlier this week and will now appear for arraignment on Feb. 22.

Phelps is set to next appear in court on Feb. 18.