Jared Turner, 26, now faces up to 20 years in prison, after allegedly robbing the Great Southern Bank on W. Sunshine Street in Springfield.

A judge with the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri released the details of Turner’s alleged crimes and his arrest in a probable cause statement, Monday (11-23-20). You can read that probable cause statement, in its entirety, below.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Turner is charged with bank robbery. Pontential sentences for this Class C Felony include 20 years in prison, a $250,000 dollar fine, and 3 years of supervised release.

On Friday, Nov. 20, the probable cause statement detailing Turner’s alleged robbery says, a suspect walked into the Great Southern Bank wearing a grey hoody, leather jacket, and “dark colored mask over his nose and mouth.”

The PC statement goes on.

“[The suspect] approached the teller counter, presented a note to a teller, written on a white piece of paper, which read, ‘GIVE ME $3,000 I HAVE A GUN!’,” the statement reads.

The teller (who has not been identified) reportedly took the note, grabbed the demanded money from their drawer, and gave it to the suspect.

The masked suspect left the bank.

As special agents began investigating, surveillance photos were passed along to the public. Shortly after those photos were released, the Springfield Police Department started receiving phone calls with tips about the suspect.

Special agents eventually obtained a photo of 26-year-old Jared Turner. Investigations led them to his mother’s home in Springfield. During a conversation with authorities, the probable cause statement says, Turner’s mother said the handwriting on the note matched her son’s.

Turner’s grandmother reportedly confirmed Turner was the suspect, after seeing surveillance photos.

The probable cause statement says Turner’s dad was also contacted, this time by phone. He too, according to the report, told authorities his son was the suspect.

Shortly after meeting with Turner’s family, a special agent recalls being contacted by both Turner and Turner’s mother in separate phone calls. Both told the agent Turner’s location. The agent responded to the location and identified Turner, who agreed to cooperate and was not placed in handcuffs.

Turner confessed to robbing the bank, adding he’d done it because he’d “reached the end of his rope,” as the report puts it.

Admitting to splitting up the money between two locations, Turner offered to return the money he had stashed at the location where authorities had met up with him. In total, between his wallet and what was hidden in a kitchen drawer, he’s said to have provided $401 dollars.