BRANSON, Mo. — Gear up Chiefs fans, the official vacation destination of the Kansas City Chiefs hosted its first community tailgate. 

Branson will be decked out in red and gold, getting everyone pumped up for Thursday night’s game against the Broncos and there are a lot of fun things planned for this first tailgate. 

Craig Wescott the co-owner of the Tracks Family Fun Parks tells KOLR10, that he can not wait to see this area along the Branson entertainment district filled with local fans enjoying the tailgate.

“We see a lot of Chiefs hats and shirts and all sorts of things come through the parks and I know there is millions of Chiefs fans within however far from Branson. Everybody can rally around one thing and that’s the chiefs in this part of the country,” said Wescott. 

There will be live music performed by a local band called the “Rosy Hips”.

Wescott said they will have a dance floor ready to go and a section for fans to sit down and listen to the music.

The tailgate will have local food trucks available for fans and face painting as well. 

Wescott said this meant to be a family-friendly event.

“Just happy to get this community together, this what this Branson community is all about, working together to put these events on and we all get to come out and enjoy them together,” said Wescott.