OZARK, Mo. – According to its Facebook page, Cafe B-29 owner Chaz Koeppen has found her tortoise who has been missing for 5 days thanks to the help of a Branson volunteer tracker.

Baby first went missing last Tuesday, April 4 while Koeppen was at work. She turned to social media for help and shared her search updates every day. She even posted a $300 reward for Baby.

Kim Wise, who runs a dog park called, “Play with your DOG PARK”, volunteered to track the 40-pound Sucata Tortoise after hearing about Koeppen’s plight.

“For 3 days Kim has come to the farm tracking where [Baby] could have gone. Even without her bloodhound that was at home with an injury she came & tracked with the knowledge and more energy then I’ll ever have trying to keep up with her,” wrote Koeppen on the post.

The post detailed how Wise believed that Baby would likely come out into the warm sun today. Wise and Koeppen searched around her house and the area around Hwy BB in Chestnutridge as they have been for the past five days.

Koeppen was expecting company for Easter lunch so she prepared for that as Wise continued the search near Koeppen’s neighbor’s house. Wise was walking up a hill when she saw Baby in the distance sunning herself near some iron billboard bases.

“Baby must have dug under them to find protection and has stayed there all week with the cold weather and storms. Matt Gann and I had looked there many times and never seen her,” wrote Koeppen. She said Wise was at the right place at the right time as Baby came out into the sun.

Koeppen wrote that Baby had a few scuffs and broken spikes on her legs but is in good shape. She has been seen by a vet and was given some medication for any possible problems she might have incurred during her 5-day voyage.

“Thank you again to all, everyone that volunteered to search, shared and messaged. Kim Wise you are a hero! Baby is home, what a wonderful Easter Sunday!” wrote Koeppen.

Chaz Koeppen (left) and Kim Wise (right) reunite with Baby