BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson Police Department is hoping new technology can help solve and reduce more crimes.

License plate reading cameras are being installed at various spots around town.

Branson Police Chief Eric Schmitt said the new technology is already getting to work, with a camera spotting something Wednesday morning.

“Just before I came out to talk to you, we got a hit from just right up the street here for a vehicle that’s entered in our nationwide database for a certain warrant,” said Schmitt.

Where the cameras are exactly placed is, for obvious reasons, more of a secret.

Schmitt said currently four cameras are in the city, with four more to be installed closer to the end of the month.

“It’s no different than if we had the funding to put a police officer on every corner,” said Schmitt. “We know if we do have anybody in a car that’s already wanted for something, say, a stolen car, Amber Alert, warrants, anything along those lines, it will alert our officers.”

Sharon Albro, who lives in Branson, said she is glad to hear about the new effort.

She said she wants the city to continue being a safe area.

“We don’t want crime in any town, much less with all the tourists here that come to Branson,” said Albro.

People and businesses can also install these types of cameras on their own to add even more to the system.