TANEY COUNTY, Mo. — TexPlex, an outdoor adventure park in Texas, is building an off-roading park six miles south of Hollister.

“Hollister and Branson is a nice place,” Contractor Jason Shaw said. “It’s a good place to start a new business. There is already activity here.”

TexPlex is building a 1500-acre park with around 15-20 trails for bikers, four-wheelers, and jeep drivers to ride on. The park sits off of Highway JJ.

“There are some extremely steep hills, some steep areas going up and down and we have created trails on that,” Shaw said. “We have rock ledges dropping off rock ledges, climbing up rock ledges. We’ve got unbelievable amounts of creek bed that the four by four people are going to love. We will have bypasses on some of the scarier stuff.”

The main trail will take drivers 3 and-a-half hours to ride through. There will be other trails that connect to the main one.

“There’s definitely the scenery factor that this piece of property holds very well,” Shaw said. “There’s going to be a lot of locations that people want to go hang out on this property.”

Shaw said the trails will look a bit different than the ones currently at TexPlex in Texas.

“TexPlex, we have tracks, seven different tracks for motocross, side by side, ATVs, and then we have multiple trails,” Shaw said. “We’re not as interested in racing on tracks as we are just outdoor adventure driving, riding and just family fun.”

The trails will vary in difficulty, so drivers can choose what kind of ride they’re looking for.

“If you don’t like the idea of driving the steep hills there’ll be a bypass for it,” Shaw said. “Or you can ride with somebody who does want to or doesn’t mind driving it.”

Families will be able to rent some UTVs or Jeeps. Shaw said there will also be overnight camping for families who are interested.

“This is definitely a fun if you’re a little bit of a thrill seeker,” Shaw said.

TexPlex hopes to open the trails by January 2023.