HOLLISTER, Mo. — New owners of Yacht Club Mobile Home Park are wanting to make some changes to the property, which means residents have to move out.

“The new owners of the place came up to us and informed us we had four months to get out,” Mike Mahoney said.

Mahoney and his wife, Rhonda, just purchased a mobile home to be used as a lake house.

“We actually just bought the place about a month and a half ago. We’ve been upgrading new floors, just doing everything we can to it to make it really nice,” Mahoney said. “So we haven’t actually lived in it yet.”

The new owners said the city of Hollister were looking for a developer to help transform and re-purpose Yacht Club. OzarksFirst spoke to two of the new owners, Steve and Denise, about the property.

“We just kind of got the rug taken out from under our feet.”

Yacht Club resident Mike Mahoney

They said there are a total of four owners from Louisiana, California, and Texas. Steve said they own other properties in Branson, like resorts and single-family homes. The owners are in Phase 1 of the project, which they say is helping residents re-locate.

“We moved down here to enjoy our retirement,” Maureen Croushorn said.

Croushorn and her husband lived at Yacht Club for around two years.

“We love it here. We’ve done a lot of improvements, but I took my entire savings to move here, and now we have to leave,” Croushorn said.

The new owners said mobile home owners have four months before they have to move. Steve said mobile home owners can currently be reimbursed four months’ rent and $1,000. After 60 days, renters will only be reimbursed two months of rent.

Croushorn ended up selling their mobile home before they had to move out.

“It’s going to take what we sold it for to get reestablished and on our feet,” Croushorn said. “I’m just going to take a huge loss and go back and try to start over.”

Phase 2 of transforming Yacht Club will include digging up old issues like sewer, according to Steve. In Phase 3, the owners will decide what would be the best use of the site.

The park sits right next to lake Taneycomo and Turkey Creek, something that drew in the Mahoney’s.

“We wanted to be on the lake,” Rhonda Mahoney said. “That was our main goal of being here. A place to get away and have families come stay with us.”

The Mahoney’s aren’t sure what they will do with their mobile home.

“We just kind of got the rug taken out from under our feet,” Mike Mahoney said. “If we can sell it, we’ll sell it. If not, we have to move it and sell it on another lot. We just got a couple of quotes and it’s anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 to have it moved.”

For Croushorn, she was hoping the park would be beautified during her time here.

“My hopes and dreams with this park would get cleaned up and we could stay,” Croushorn said. “We will stay here until we are pushed out because it’s our home.”

The new owners say they’re looking forward to making a positive transformation with the mobile home park.