Branson City Leaders Answer Proposed TIF Questions

BRANSON, Mo. -- There were lots of questions and concerns from Branson residents about a proposed attraction that they're being asked to help finance. 

City leaders met today for a Board of Alderman study session, to address some of the questions, surrounding the Branson adventures project. 

The questions were already written out and answered beforehand by an attorney that was hired by the city to help them understand exactly what's being asked of Branson residents.

On paper, there were more than one-hundred questions from residents. For example, how much tax revenue is the city forfeiting for the Branson Adventures project?

The answer -- incremental city revenues captured by the Tax Increment Financing Plan -- or TIF, adds up to 138-million dollars.

Another question was, how will the project benefit the people of Branson?

The answer in part -- reduce city blight, bring in new development and create jobs.

However, Branson resident Rene Eubanks is concerned about housing those workers -- as well as a possible increase in crime. 

"I know what it takes for the police to do what they have to do and it concerns me that we're gonna need more police officers which we just did a tax for that - and to help that, which was great, because they do need help. But, what is this going to bring to us as far as crime?"

Jay Wilson, Treasurer for the Branson Lakes Lodging Association says it's not a black and white issue. 

 "It's a very complicated TIF. So, it's very hard just to rubber stamp it as negative or positive." 

City leaders are being told the that the bottom line is, they're going to have to decide, how and if this project will benefit the Branson residents. 

Betsy Sea, Alderman.. "And the TIF is supposed to be good for the entire community not just for the one developer," said Alderman Betsy Sea.

There were no decisions made about the project today. The city plans to take up the issue again on April 12th. 

Click here to see more of the questions and answers from tonight's meeting. 

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