Box Office Buzz - December 13, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Hello movie maniacs. Finally! Some new offerings at the box office.

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse (Columbia Pictures) is an animated fare where a boy becomes the spider-man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality. It was announced shortly after Stan Lee's sad and untimely passing that he had recorded a cameo for the film and that it would be his final voice-acting role.

And, happy censored holidays with Once Upon a Deadpool (20th Century Fox). This is a completely genius move on part of the Deadpool brand. You can now include a bit younger of an audience with this slightly more gentle version of Deadpool. This takes a cue from the Princess Bride and has Deadpool read a bedtime story to real, adult Fred Savage. I would still tread ever so slightly as there will be enough innuendo to be edgy. The cool thing about this version is $1 of every ticket sold will be donated to "fudge" cancer. Of course, that's not what word Deadpool would normally use! Thank you Ryan Reynolds and the whole team behind this super fun character.

Slated to make it's way to Springfield is The Mule (Warner Bros.). A 90-year-old horticulturist and WWII veteran is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan for a Mexican drug cartel. This film is directed by and stars Clint Eastwood. Bradley Cooper and Micheal Pena join him. This was the second collaboration between Eastwood and Cooper since 2014's American Sniper.

Tops at the box yet again, it's Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Brand new on on blu-ray this week, Equalizer 2 (Columbia Pictures). Denzel is back as Robert McCall who serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, but how far will he go when that is someone he loves? I would consider this one of the year's most underrated flicks. It's smart, fast and excellent. I will say it's pretty intense for family viewing.

Another intense for family that is new on blu-ray is Peppermint (STX Entertainment). Jennifer Garner is on a path of revenge five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence. I sound crazy sometimes when I love these violent flicks, but Garner trained hard for her body and role and it's just a fun butt-kicking movie.

And one more option for you is, the critically acclaimed and award contending The Wife (Sony Picture Classics). Glenn Close is a wife who questions her life choices as she travels with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel prize.

The Critics' Choice Award nominations have been announced! Check for the nominations. I'm super excited to see a lot of these faces on January 13th live on the red carpet and inside the show.

Are you looking forward to a movie coming to town, let me know. A pop up is coming soon for the holidays, like it, comment on it and share it on social media. I'll make you a winner!  

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That's a look at your buzz for this week. See you next time! 

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