DENVER — (CBS) A Denver law passed in the recent election allows local businesses to apply for permits for social marijuana use.

It means consumers like Challys Maybee could bring in and smoke their own weed.

Maybee suggested, “Everyone needs a safe place where they can exercise their rights, but in a bar, it’s definitely an imposition of other people’s rights… not everyone is for marijuana.”

A new regulation by the Colorado Department of Revenue, however, will now prohibit cannabis consumption at liquor licensed establishments – no mixing booze and bud in public.

A rule Peter Penzenstadler is on board with…

Penzenstadler, a bartender at Sancho’s Broken Arrow, said, “Alcohol messes up people well enough. [If you] add that marijuana to it, we can’t be in control of the customers for a safety standard as well.”

In its decision to deny dual consumption, the state’s liquor enforcement division cited public health studies showing higher impairment, and an increased risk of car crashes in people using alcohol and marijuana together, as opposed to using either one alone.

Wanda James, long time restauranteur and the CEO of the Simply Pure dispensary, says residents and tourists deserve a safe and legal place to responsibly consume.

Wanda noted, “We’ve legalized cannabis.  People are excited to come in record numbers, and come to Denver and come to Colorado and spend money.  And then when they come here and legally buy cannabis, we then treat them as criminals because there is nowhere for them to consume here in Denver.”

(Melissa Garcia, KCNC)