SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Body shops know what to expect after severe weather, like this past weekend’s hailstorm. 

“It started before we opened today, about 7:30 a.m. the phone started ringing, people asking about coming in and doing estimates,” Chad Melton said. 

Melton is just one of the workers at Barker’s Frame and Collision, who say they’ve seen all mother nature can do to cars. 

“Broken windshields, edges that have been dented, any time there’s a hailstorm of this nature, it’s going to be interesting. The next day, you know, you’re going to receive a lot of phone calls,” Melton said. 

While it’s important to check on the exterior of your car, it’s also important to check on the exterior of your home. 

Nathan Skinner says he’s been flooded with roofing estimates. 

“I got a little work ahead of me for sure,” Skinner said. 

Skinner says his roofing company. Skinner Roofing, usually gets 20 calls a week. 

“From Saturday evening, my very first phone call until now, I’ve had 114 inspections scheduled and I’m just going from one to the next. I can do about 15 a day.” 

Skinner said getting your home checked, even if you weren’t hit with the biggest-sized hail, could save you money down the road.  

“Water can actually get underneath the shingles and run down the slope. Whenever water is underneath your shingles, it can come into the attic and then you start having issues with the interior of your home,” Skinner said. “Catching it before you have a bunch of water flowing in your house is really important.” 

He adds that it is important to find a certified roofer who you can trust.  

“Missouri doesn’t require you to be licensed to be a roofer. It also doesn’t require a license to be an adjuster,” Skinner said. “There are so many different opinions floating around out there that somebody that actually has certifications to actually inspectorates properly is important.”