SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – After being open for just shy of one year, the owners of Bloom’s Coffee Bar and Bakery announced they will be closing shop next week.

According to Bloom’s Coffee Bar and Bakery’s Facebook page, due to an accident involving one of the owners, Bloom’s last day will be Monday, March 27.

Here’s the Facebook post:

We are deeply saddened to share that Blooms will be closing its doors next Monday March 27th. This last year has been one of many joys and accomplishments for our team. It has also been a year of an unfortunate and unforeseen accident to one of our owners that ultimately led to the difficult decision of closing down. We are forever grateful to everyone that supported us, to our customers who are the most loyal and loving people in Springfield. To our team that helped us push through difficult times and took care of each other like family. We ask that you find some time this week to stop by and get one last taste of our amazing goods. We’ll miss serving you the best coffee and pastries in Springfield!


Bloom’s Team

Owners Nikita Skorykh and brothers Slav and Ben Mikhalets first opened Bloom’s doors in April 2022.

The coffee shop is located at 1109 E. Battlefield Road. The Ukrainian baked goods are what made the shop stand out along with its coffee, smoothies and teas.