SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Public Schools sent out a checklist for parents this week reminding them of a few things to keep in mind before school starts.

One of those priorities includes making sure school immunization records are up to date. In a release, Springfield-Greene County Health said children may have fallen behind on these vaccinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic making seeing a doctor more difficult.

The release went on to say, delayed or missed vaccinations can have consequences for the entire community. SPS Chief Communications Officer, Stephen Hall, said it’s important to contact a doctor to make sure all requirements are met.

“It’s an important reminder for us to just pause and make sure we have everything in order,” said Hall.

“Sometimes it’s good to visit with your health care provider and have them review your records, or your school nurse if you have questions about any updates that may be necessary.”

Hall said more back-to-school vaccination opportunities are approaching.

“During the first week of school, from Aug. 22nd through the 26th, the Cox CARE mobile will be posted at Pipkin Middle School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. No appointments are necessary.”

He said this is all to make sure students remain healthy.

To find a list of required 2022-2023 Missouri school immunization requirements, click here.