Asbestos Found on Two Greene County Farms

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Earlier this summer, Brenden Abney's suspicions were confirmed. The dirt and rock material on his property, which he says was dumped by Hartman Construction, was found to contain asbestos by Missouri Department of Natural Resources. 

"We had an agreement with them to dump clean fill dirt on our land,” he says. "It's not only affecting us. There's no telling if the asbestos material is getting washed down river when it floods."

As it turns out, before making a deal with Abney, Hartman Construction had been hired by Greene County to take charge of the Republic Road expansion project. At least that's the way Tanya Turner with Missouri's Department of a natural resources tells the story.

"Hartman construction took the clean fill from the Republic Road construction and dumped it onto a different property,” she says.  

It was later discovered at that first property- the clean fill was contaminated with bits of an old asbestos, coming from pieces of a pipe, likely hit during construction.

"They can not deny it's presence because laboratory analytical has proven the presence is there," Turner adds. 

And while DNR says Hartman has admitted to unknowingly dumping the asbestos at this original site- when we contacted them about Abney’s farm they sent this statement:

"We received a letter from MoDNR on Friday Afternoon notifying us that two small pieces (what appear to be smaller than your hand in photographs) of asbestos-containing materials have been discovered on a site that we used to dispose of fill material. We are working with MoDNR, City Utilities, and Greene County to determine what, if any, future action needs to be taken.”

Mark Urbanek with Natural Resources found the asbestos at Abney's farm. 

"To say those are the only two pieces. I don't know for sure," he told KOLR10. 

"Is it possible that that's it," we asked.

"Could be. But I find that highly unlikely," he said. 

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