SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — “It’s just a wonderful community; football community in general. They love barbecue and we love football, so it’s a great combination, “ said the owner of City Butcher’s Barbecue, Brent Sonnemaker.

Sonnemaker said earlier in the week they had about 40 take-out orders placed and now that number has more than doubled.

Brent said the restaurant operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, but they’re ready for the big game.

“It’s high-end cuts like what we use that’s really difficult to do,” Sonnemaker said. “But our suppliers are great and keep them coming and we keep on selling them.”

Across town, another local restaurant is preparing for its Super Bowl party.

“We’re called Arrowhead South,“ said David Bauer, the owner of Coyote’s Adobe Cafe.

Coyote’s Adobe Cafe is waiting for their final installments to arrive for their big game watch party complete with heated bleachers, tents and a giant projector screen.

Bauer says preparing for something like this takes time and is very detail-oriented but says it’s also something that he enjoys very much.

“We are calling in extra people to come in and help,” Bauer said. “We have security from Springfield police; we’re making it a family-friendly deal.”