LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For two Arkansas young people, it is party in the back, championship in the front.

Voting is currently underway through Friday, Aug. 19, for the 2022 Kids Mullet Championship. Of the 25 competitors in the appropriately coifed field, two are from Arkansas.

Rustin Alphin from Pocahontas and Rowan Bell from Wesley have both made it through the competition rounds to make it to the finals.

The 2-year-old Rustin (according to his entry form), currently in 10th, has the look, his shorter-haired front offsetting his more-than-shoulder-length back. In his profile picture he is shown doing maintenance on a tractor tire.

Rustin Alphin, 2022 Kids Mullet Championship finalist

The 12-year-old Rowan, currently in 5th place, reportedly has been growing his hair out “for a couple of years” his mother reported on social media. In those two years, his hair is running halfway down his back.

Rowan Bell, 2022 Kids Mullet Championship finalist

Both Rustin and Rowan are living up to an Arkansas tradition. The 2021 kids class winner was from Jonesboro, 11-year-old Allan Baltz. He donated his $2,500 prize to Project Zero, a foster care support organization.

Allan Baltz, 11, winner was one of 25 finalists in the kid’s division of the competition. (Lesli Baltz)

Allan, who had been adopted by a Jonesboro family along with his twin sister, was able to leverage his championship too, ultimately fundraise more than $5,500.

Second-place 2021 finisher, 7-year-old Ezra Cramer, from Alabama, also donated his winnings to charity.