BOONE COUNTY, Ark. — The Boone County Sheriff’s Office released a statement warning residents about a phone scam that has been making its rounds.

The scam involved citizens receiving calls about missing jury duty and warrants being put out for their arrest. According to a press release from the BCSO, “they are very convincing” and the number the scammers are using is masked to appear to be the number for the sheriff’s office.

The victims of the scam were asked to get pre-paid Visa cards to remove the warrants, while name-dropping area Judge Robert Hathaway to add to their credibility.

The sheriff’s office is reminding people that it will not call people about their warrants and will never ask for money to take care of warrants. They also remind people that Hathaway does not sign warrants. The sheriff’s office does not accept pre-paid Visa cards as payments for anything. Do not give personal information to anyone over the phone.

People who receive a call that they want to verify can call the sheriff’s office to make sure the call was real. The sheriff’s office number is 870-741-8408.