HARRISON, Ark. – A month after a heated debate over the potential construction of a cryptocurrency facility in Harrison, city leaders have once again deferred the decision – this time to city council.

What’s typically referred to as a “cryptocurrency mine” is actually a building full of computer servers that work around the clock to generate digital currency like Bitcoin. Residents voiced concerns over safety, noise, and disruption to the rural landscape.

In fact, so many people showed up to the previous meeting in April that the city moved its Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday to a nearby campus to accommodate the anticipated crowd.

City leaders had originally planned to vote on the conditional use permit for the crypto facility at that meeting in April, but tabled it to the May 23 meeting. Then at the May 23 meeting, leaders decided to defer the decision to a city council vote.

But Harrison residents won’t have to wait nearly as long between meetings this time. City Council is expected to vote on whether to approve the permit on Thursday, May 25. The City Council Meeting begins at 6 p.m. and has also been moved to Signature Bank Community Room in Harrison to prepare for another big showing.

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson told OzarksFirst.com reporters that the company behind the cryptocurrency facility bought 5 acres of land that they originally thought was located in the county. After reviewing it further, the city realized the land is positioned within city limits, meaning it now needs approval from the city before moving forward with plans.

However, the mayor said the company’s $600,000 land investment in the region will not factor into city leaders’ decision to approve or deny the conditional use permit on Thursday.