NORTHERN Ar., – Impacts from the winter storm are still being felt Wednesday night as thousands of people are still without power.

In the northern Arkansas area, crews continue to work to fix the outages.

We spoke to the utility company Entergy to get an update at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

“We probably have a little more than eight thousand people in the Harrison area without power right now,” said Matt Ramsey with Entergy.

Ramsey said Harrison was among the areas crews are really focusing on.

The heavy snow puts a lot more weight on the power lines.

“The lines are going to sag, and if a tree limb falls on it, it’s just going to immediately knock it out,” said Ramsey. “It’s going to cause power to go out.”

Road clearing teams in Harrison said they are making good progress getting the streets cleared.

The biggest challenge now, they said, is removing downed tree limbs from the roadways.

Crews expect to continue working through the night and into Thursday to get things resolved.