ARKANSAS — Contrary to some reports, the three death row inmates recently executed by the state of Arkansas died without incident.

Medical examiner Dr. Charles Kokes told a reporter in Little Rock he is confident there were no botched executions this week. 

In an exam of the bodies… Dr. Kokes says… They look for more than the obvious cause of death – which was lethal injection – testing for substances in the blood stream and pinpointing the drugs that caused them to die.

The idea is to determine whether they died humanely or if there was a struggle.

After all, some wondered if inmate Marcel Williams struggled.

Dr. Kokes still stands his ground. 

“There’s no way to assess whether or not the drugs were as effective as they are supposed to be. Ultimately they were successful… There have been no signs of any injury other than that associated with the administration of drugs.”

Dr. Kokes compared the heavy breathing the witnesses saw Monday night to a drug overdose saying that’s similar to what someone would go through as their respiratory system shuts down.