MAUMELLE, Ark. – A high school coach in Arkansas has been fired after allegations of sexual misconduct.

Maumelle Police completed an investigation and *do not* expect to file any criminal charges.

“It was just so rewarding, and it’s what I love. I wanted to be at that school until I retired.” 

Stephen Owen felt right at home after taking a coaching here at Maumelle Charter High School two years ago.

But his exit came sooner than expected after allegations from his own players stacked up.

 “Complete shock.” 

Maumelle Police launched an investigation last month after school officials said players came forward, accusing Owen of sexual misconduct.

According to the police report, girls said Owen played sexual music, allowed them to change clothes on the bus, changed in their locker room, and openly talked about his sexual past.

Owen denies any wrongdoing.

“When I was asked about the music, I supplied the playlist.” 

 “I always had a parent or I had an adult chaperone on the bus.” 

“Did you ever change in the girls’ locker room?”

“I did but there was no one present.” 

“The only time I ever did, I was in the locker room with it locked and closed, and I changed and left before any other girl came back in there.” 

The police report indicates a 6-day timeline that culminated in Owen’s firing, but no criminal charges.

Owen supplied me with what he says are nearly a dozen notes of support from parents and players.

Now the former basketball, volleyball, and track coach doesn’t know what his next move will be.

“Well, I was hoping to get another teaching job, but I think now with all this out it’s going to be a long time.”