LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Two central Arkansas firefighters received national and international attention for a Facebook video when they used a duck hunting trick to put out a house fire in a flooded Houston neighborhood.

Arkadelphia firefighters Jason Hunt and Beau Bishop recorded on their cell phone last week when they helped Houston firefighters.

The two guys got creative to try and to save a burning house in the midst of Hurricane Harvey.

Hunt and Bishop returned home to Arkansas Friday from helping people evacuate their flooded homes in Texas.

They gave us the video that has been shared more than a thousand times on Facebook in less than a week.

You can see Jason using the boat’s motor to kick up flood waters to quickly put out a house fire.

Hunt said, “If what you’re saying doesn’t turn out good you’re going to be on YouTube.”

The duck hunting trick worked out better than the two firefighters ever expected.

Hunt said, “Just an old duck hunter trick.”

The two fathers left their families to help rescue Houston families last week.

Bishop said, “Really over whelming and still, quite frankly we’re still processing.”

They said as they approached dry land during their last rescue on their second day there they saw black smoke.

Bishop said, “We dropped these the two people off from the boat and headed that way. Just followed the smoke basically.”

They described seeing Army reservists and Houston firefighter standing in flood water above their waists while flames shot from the house.

Bishop said, “You would think that we had kind of been with  that crew forever  because it just went  pretty seemless.”

Jason dove into the water to connect the hose to the fire hydrant only to find out the water pressure was not enough.

Beau credits Jason with the next idea.

“Just an old duck hunter trick. We’ll pin our boats to a tree  in the woods and we’ll  blow the ice out using out boat motors so I thought it would be worth a try.”

It worked. However, it is the rescues a not the videos that stick in their minds back home.

The firefighters told KARK reporter Price McKeon they met the Hamshire Volunteer Fire Department while in Texas helping people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Now the Arkadelphia firefighters said they hope people will use the attention and be inspired to help out and to donate to that volunteer fire department.

Hamshire Volunteer Fire Department is located at 12393 2nd St., Hamshire, TX 77622.