Apple Promises Ways for Parents to Give Tech "Allowances" to Their Kids

CUPERTINO, Ca -- Users of Apple products will soon get a weekly report of how much time they truly spend on their phones, according to the latest developments at their annual WWDC Conference.

The new feature will be one of many in iOS 12, the software running Apple products. 

"You get a summary of the time you're spending in apps, how many times in an hour that you're picking up your phone, and what apps are sending you the most notifications," explained Craig Federighi, Apple SVP of Software Engineering. 

"Equipped with this insight, you can make decisions about how much time you want to spend with your device each day."

Apple took one step further, promising to give parents the ability to create electronic 'allowances' for their kids. 

Just like you may give your kids an hour to play video games or to ride their bikes, users will soon be able to set time limits on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Parents will also be able to set restrictions on times of day, limiting access during school or bedtime.

A weekly report, too, will be sent to parents informing them on how much screen time their children are spending on their phones.

iOS 12 is expected to be released by the end of 2018. 

Android users will also soon have comparable features through an initiative that Google has dubbed "Digital Wellbeing".

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