Anthony Tolliver and Stephen Curry Among NBA Players Building Student Housing in Springfield

Senior Living Development Coming Soon

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- You might think Anthony Tolliver giving back to the students of Southwest Missouri looks like his autograph on a middle schooler’s book bag. That would be ignoring the Detroit Piston’s number real estate ventures. 

“Which project,” he laughs.

The Springfield native (now in his tenth NBA season) says for the past five years or so, he and some of his teammates have joined forces and bank accounts to invest in student housing. 

“We've done maybe six, seven, eight developments around Missouri State so far,” he says. 

As for who those silent partners are, well we know one is NBA Champion and former Tolliver teammate, Steph Curry. 

Obediah Church is an MSU basketball player. He leads drills at the summer camp Tolliver puts on in Springfield. This year he’s a senior at MSU, wishing he could’ve lived in one of these Tolliver/Curry estates. 

“I lived in the dorms my freshman year," Church said. "I imagine he's doing it off of his college experience. Trying to put on for other players and stuff."

Tolliver is far from finished with his investing. 

“Now we’re going to branch out and do some other stuff, some senior living stuff,” Tolliver says. “Not like a nursing home but 55 and over is what we're focusing on. We have a project down in Nixa called Blackrock that we're developing right now." 

The small forward is now hoping to make the largest impact he can on the Ozarks.

“Give back to the community by improving it. Just trying to do whatever we can," he says.

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