America's Prisoners of War Honored in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--America's prisoners of war are being remembered in a nationwide tour.     
Springfield was the latest stop to host the flag ceremony paying tribute to all of the country's service men and women.

There are one million lives unaccounted for from those who served in WWI.

Saturday's ceremony was to pay homage to those from that war and so many others. 

While the symbol of our nation's freedom blew in the wind, it was those who paid the ultimate price for it that were honored inside American Legion Post 639.

 "The POW flag has now started its journey across the USA," says Terry Willey of Liberty Riders of America.

A trek that began in Virginia .

 "We've been tasked with bringing awareness for the POW, MIA's that are still missing," says Willey.

And will go down in history.

 "It's never happened before," says Willey. 

Making the ceremony especially meaningful for prisoners of war like Charles Crandell.

"We were captured off the coast of North Korea and we were held captive in North Korea for 11 months. I was one of them that was shot. The North Koreans are animals, that's all I'm going to say," says Crandell. 

So when Crandell's hell on earth was finally over....

 "The most wonderful thing I ever saw was my wife walking toward me," says Crandell. 

But, of course, not all prisoners of war make it out alive. 

 "I think it's important that they're brought back to this country," says Willey. 

There's 35 POW's or MIA's from Missouri still unaccounted for. It's those lives that are being represented in the form of black balloons.

And released up into the heavens.

The next stop on the POW tour is Kansas where it will eventually make it's final stop in Washington, D.C.

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