WAYNE COUNTY, NY.– An American Flag stolen in upstate New York has been found here in Southwest Missouri.

The flag was given to 14-year-old, Cathy Scoppo in 1969 at her father’s funeral. Her father was a World War II Veteran.

Fast forward to 2016, Scoppo is now in her 50’s now runs a campground, Cherry Grove Campground, in Wolcott, New York with another woman in upstate New York. Each year around Memorial Day she displays her fathers flag at the campground. This year a family from Willard was visiting their grandparents who lived at the campground. While there a 16-year-old boy stole the flag.

According to Willard Police, Scoppo said she was shocked to learn that someone had stolen her flag and reported it to the WCSO on June 29, 2016. Scoppo said she was very pleased with the service she received from the WCSO in terms of the timeliness and investigation but disappointed to learn that the flag may not be recoverable.

Deputies both in Wayne County and in Willard were in contact. According to the Willard Chief of Police, they went to the house where the boy lived to ask to see where he hid the flag. The boy to officers that he hid it in the woods near the camp. A Wayne County deputy got that information and went out searching to try to find the flag in the general location that was sent. He could not find it.

Willard Police went back to the house and asked the boy again and found out that the boy had it with him in Willard. Willard Police told this information to the deputy in Wayne County, he then told Scoppo that her father’s flag was found. The deputy said that she “burst into tears.” 

Willard PD says they are thankful to have had a hand in helping another agency in Upstate New York, but especially that they were able to help get a prized possession back into the hand of the rightful owner.

The Willard Chief of Police says that they sent the flag back to New York on Friday and that the 16-year-old boy will be referred to the Greene County Juvenile Services.