SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — We know being an adult can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle.
But there’s a class that can help with that.

Paige Harp with the Springfield-Greene County Library District talks with KORL10’s Daybreak about where we can learn all about taking on life’s responsibilities.

Life skills classes are offered the first Thursday of each month.  Tonight, March 1, the topic is Adulting 101.  It’s in the Sante Fe Room of the Library Station on N. Kansas Expressway, and begins at 6:00 p.m.

Adulting 101 includes a discussion with Timothy White, a business teacher with Springfield Public Schools, about how to invest your money. 

On April 5, the life skills class is about emergency preparedness.
And on May 3, how to be mindful like a Jedi. 

These classes are free and open to adults.

Learn more about the library’s programs here   https://thelibrary.org/programs/