A July Election for a New Tax in the Southern Hills Community

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Some people living in Southeast Springfield will have a chance to vote on an issue that directly affects their neighborhood. 

People living in the Southern Hills Community, north of Battlefield and Lone Pine, will vote on a property tax in July.

The tax will be used to maintain the neighborhood lakes that were once owned by John Q. Hammons, but have now been overtaken by algae.

For 65 years, residents in the Southern Hills neighborhood say the lakes have been neglected.

Harriet Kosky, a resident, says, "The lakes in all the years that this subdivision's been here have never been dredged or taken care of properly so you get an awful lot of algae growth."

Carl Price, a surgeon and President of Community Improvement District of Southern Hills says, "The city  had nothing to do with them and couldn't do anything with them because they were privately owned and so we got together as a group of neighbors who were concerned to fix a problem really that wasn't of our own making."

Price and other neighbors proposed a property tax that would treat the lakes. The tax would be about  $150/year per household for up to 25 years. Out of the nearly 350 property owners, only registered voters including renters can vote. 

Price says, "That money will be used kind of going forward to maintain the lakes with a treatment company as well as maintain the other properties around the neighborhood that were at one time owned by John Q, the easements around the lakes you know to beautify that area and to also just to maintain it going forward."

Kosky says, "We are for that, for us, we feel like it will help improve the property value to keep that well taken care of and keep that algae in check so it doesn't look so ugly."

Ballots must be mailed in by July 10th or dropped off at the Greene County Clerk's Office on that day by 7 p.m.

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