SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – 417 tenants continue to deal with what they call “unbearable” living conditions. 

“All renters know is they’re getting an apartment at a great price and it sounds great,” said Ilene Montgomery who is the granddaughter of a current 417 tenant. 

You may ask yourself why would someone sign a lease under such conditions?

Family Service Specialist, Kimberly North, of OACAC said 417 tenants typically face barriers. 

“Perhaps a felony, or a prior eviction or credit issues,” making it harder for them to qualify for most places.

“We are still actively and always searching for landlords, property managers, willing to work with someone,” said North. 

Ilene Montgomery and her grandfather live at the Wishing Well. 

Without looking at it in advance, Montgomery said in a phone call, she was promised a nice apartment for a price they could afford. 

However, Montgomery said her 417 rental property was far from nice. 

The Gatley Property was recently purchased after going into foreclosure.

“I am so glad he’s in the position he’s in right now,” said Montgomery. “I’m happy he can’t use people who don’t have as much money anymore.”

Montgomery said her family’s current living conditions are unbearable, and she’s not alone. 

“It ain’t right how he did people,” said 417 tenant Pete. “We had to live here three of the coldest winter days of the year without heat because he didn’t pay the bill,” said Pete. 

Pete, like many other tenants, is now uncertain where to turn with less than a month away from his move-out date. 

“They’re making us all leave by the first and I don’t know where I’m going to go,” said Pete. 

Gatley Properties is currently in the middle of several lawsuits.