12-Step Program Gets Home Depot Grant and Makeover

BRANSON, Mo. -- Dozens of Home Depot employees coming together Thursday in Branson, in the name of sobriety.

The volunteers teamed up to help makeover a local non-profit in Branson, that's dedicated to saving lives. 

Home Depot also awarded the organization the largest grant they've ever given out in Branson.

That non-profit is called "The Serenity Club," and that generous grant is in the amount of 15-thousand-dollars.  

 "There are people dying out there and this building saves lives," said Ruth Cardinel, Serenity Club secretary.

The club provides help and support to about 10-thousand people every year, who are battling drug and alcohol addiction. Home Depot volunteers stepped up to help the 12-Step recovery program remodel their 20-year-old building. 

"I don't know if I can come up with the words.. how grateful we are at the Serenity Club for Home Depot," Cardinel said.

One day on a trip to Home Depot to ask for a backsplash donation for their kitchen area, Cardinel says the store manager asked her about her non-profit. When she explained, he encouraged her to apply for that 15-thousand-dollar grant, which the club was ultimately awarded.  

"Serving over 10-thousand members of our community...veterans, brother, sisters,  everybody," said Joel Wilson, Home Depot Assistant Manager, "So, I thought it was a good thing to get involved in." 

With so many tourists coming to town each year, people who live in the Branson area, aren't the only ones benefiting from the Ozarks Serenity Club.

"Anytime there's tourists that come down into Branson, they have a place to go also," said Bobby Kane, Serenity Club Vice President, "Because people coming from out of states that are in recovery, they need a spot to have a meeting place also." 

Home Depot volunteer Treanna Mulkin said, "I come from a family of military veterans and I understand the struggles that they go through post serving. So, it just really speaks to me that we do so much to try and help veterans and non-profit."

John Gill, a volunteer who's been with Home Depot for just 2 months said, "Why not you know, try to improve things with me being a youth and all ..just sitting at home watching YouTube and playing video games, I guess...and reading. So, you know it couldn't hurt to do a little good."

The Serenity Club will unveil their newly remodeled facility at a special A Luau celebration on July 22nd at 5 p.m.





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