100-Car Pileup Survivors Share About Moment of Impact

CONWAY, Mo.-- The same car Ted Gillespie can't seem to budge today was just a day ago surrounded by those he says were moving faster than they probably should've been. 

"Cars were flying by me in the left lane,” he says. "And I looked at my wife and I said, ‘This is not going to be good cause it's a whiteout’.”

The car would eventually become one of the 100-car pileup happening south of Conway, Missouri on Sunday night. 

"All the sudden we were on top of cars," he says. 

Gillespie says he and his wife were toward the front of these back-to-back collisions. 

"That's when my wife screamed 'Oh my God!’,” he describes. "We jumped out. We jumped out of the car."

Others, like Robert Van Fleet, found themselves toward the back, sliding into a growing chaos.

"Everything just went to a blur after that,” Van Fleet explains. "To keep from driving underneath a semi, I hit the median and rear-ended another car that was sitting down there."

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, there are roughly 60-80 other car owners who also took on damages like Gillespie and Van Fleet. 

"You had people traveling downhill and they'd lose control and collide with the already congested traffic," says Sgt. Jason Pace with MSHP.

Pace says 55 people involved would walk away with injury. One wouldn't walk away from it at all. 

"Obviously, one is too many," he says. 

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