"Longest Bike Chain" Guinness World Record Attempt

WILLARD, Mo. - Hundreds of cyclists are in Willard Monday night resting at the first stop of a long bike tour across the state.

Riders also gathered at the Frisco Highline Trail in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

As part of the "Bike Across Missouri" cyclist tour, people all across the country came to participate in creating the world's longest bike chain.

They traveled to Joplin Sunday night for the five-day adventure cycling event.

It kicked off Monday morning and riders biked roughly 80 miles to Willard Monday afternoon.

The event will end in Eureka, Missouri this weekend.

"Where we camp and have festivities each night," said Brian Fleming, the event organizer of Bike Across Missouri.

Fleming said the bike tour isn't a race so people can go in their own pace.

(Fleming): "people get up when they want, and they ride across the state, they camp out, listen to live music, and just kinda hang out," explained Fleming. 

As for the bike chain world record, Willard City Administrator Brad Gray said this is the first time Willard participated in a world record challenge.

"Really the idea is to be able to tell Willard story to be about family and education, and honoring those who served," said Gray, "and this trail is a good way to get that message out, the trail goes by our war memorial, it goes by schools, it goes through our downtown."

Hundreds lined up their bikes on this trail for the record attempt, and parks director JC Loveland explained the rules.

"So we have to touch tire to tire, and we have to do it for five minutes," Loveland said, "so we have a couple of drones that are going to be flying the trail, taking video evidence, showing that it happened."

The current record is around 1,450 bikes. 

Only a few hundred people showed up to Willard, likely due to the heat outside.

However, that didn't stop people from having a lot of fun.

"I had a ton of fun," said Sandy Keith, a Bike Across Missouri and bike chain record attempt participant, "in fact, I had so much fun I don't even know if I would be able to do this again tomorrow."

The bike tour continues to Lebanon, then Waynesville, Cuba, then Eureka.

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