SPRINGFIELD, Mo- The news of retired K9 deputy Lor’s health has circulated the nation.

Lor was taken to the University of Missouri Veterinary School of Medicine Monday for treatment. According to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Lor has pneumonia and a possible tumor that may have ruptured his small intestine.

He has undergone surgery and has been a 50% chance of surviving and will remain in veterinary care for one week.

Dr. David Weddle at Wilson’s Creek Animal Hospital says, like Lor, as dogs grow older, it becomes easier for them to develop illnesses.

“Just like older people, as our pets age, we see more both chronic and acute health conditions,” says Dr. Weddle.

Dr. David Weddle

Most of what Dr. Weddle says in his interview is speculation because he does not know the specifics of Lor’s case. He says the tumor may have started pneumonia.

“I’m purely speculating on all of this. If the tumor that was in his intestine was causing discomfort or vomiting and he was vomiting, and he aspirated a little bit of that vomit into his lungs, that’s the most likely source of pneumonia,” says Dr. Weddle.

Dr. Weddle says Lor got his 50% chance because of four things:

  • Observant owners
  • His primary care veterinarian
  • Level one trauma center for animals in Columbia
  • Lor is a tough dog

He says at the end of the week; the doctors will look at Lor to see if he’s well enough to be cared for as an outpatient.

Craigmyle: “Hopefully Lor and I have made an impact on the community”

Word of this has spread across social media.

Below are some tweets from LivePD fans, GCSO fans, and Lor fans from around the world.

We’re sure Lor appreciates your prayers, Caleb!

Even this TV show fan page is reaching out for support for Lor.


Lor’s LivePD family is also sending the K9 their prayers.

Mrs. Craigmyle, James’ wife, has even shared pictures of how Lor is doing.

These Lor fans even drove down from St. Louis to meet the Greene County star.


Jody is sending prayers all the way from Georiga!

Cindy, Lor is America’s furry hero.


Even the Springfield Cardinals are wishing Lor well!

If you would like to donate to help pay for Lor’s medical bills, click here.