Wood Trial Analysis: Importance of Evidence Collection


SPRINGFIELD, Mo — Greene County Prosecutors focused heavily on the presentation of physical evidence obtained from Craig Wood’s home during day 2 of the trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Woody joined KOLR10 News on Wednesday morning to give some valuable insight into the importance of that evidence collection. 

Question: Why is it important for both sides to present any and all physical evidence?

“We call that the ‘CSI Effect’. It’s assumed at this point that juries really want to hear about the forensic evidence. They want to see it, touch it, read it, and have it in front of them.

Prosecutors are cognizant of that, and so they present this methodical process. They are going to present every piece of evidence obtained at the scene. 

They don’t want to give the defense any type of ‘out’ or ‘hole’ to their investigation.”

Question: How can physical evidence go towards proving deliberation in a murder trial?

“A big key was the firearm evidence that they seized from the home, including the one believed to have caused the homicide.

They claim it was upstairs in a bedroom upstairs in a safe.

I can almost assure you that in the prosecutions closing arguments, they will claim that Craig Wood had time to deliberate while he was walking up the stairs to grab that weapon.

As he got that gun, he was thinking about it. Deliberating. That’s the difference between 1st and 2nd degree murder.”

Question: Craig Wood was described by 2 former co-workers to be an introvert, and a person that kept to himself most of the time. Do you expect to see more personal testimony moving forward in this case? 

“I don’t see much coming from the State’s perspective, but I do see it coming from the defense.

The state is trying to portray him as a normal co-worker, someone without mental health issues and someone who hasn’t had any drug use in the past.

The defendants theory is that there were mental health issues, and drug use. Their argument is that there couldn’t have been any deliberation or that Craig Wood could have thought this through.”

Question: Ballistic evidence and autopsy analysis is expected today in court. How will this differ from the other evidence perviously presented? 

“Again, we are talking about forensics, and CSI.

The ballistic evidence will prove to the jury what weapon caused the death, and link that to the home.

That will once again move towards the State’s argument of deliberation.”

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