SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — National Record Day is here — not to be confused with Record Store Day, which is August 23. Though there’s a national day for seemingly every product, family member, and activity, National Record Day is a great chance for Springfieldians to get out and get some new-pressed or even vintage vinyl.

Here are a few places where people can get their vinyl around town. Let us know if you know of any other good spots and we’ll add them to the list.

  1. Stick It In Your Ear

One of the best parts about collecting vinyl is being a part of a community. What better way to support that community than by shopping local? Stick It In Your Ear is arguably Springfield’s premier record shop. Whether you’re looking for rhythm and blues, heavy metal, or classic county, Stick It In Your Ear likely has something that will interest you. You’ll also find a great selection of posters, shirts, memorabilia, and more.

Location: 300 E. Walnut St.

2. Heavy Heads Records

Heavy Heads Records is newer to the downtown scene, but since it opened its doors in 2019, it has become a subculture and pop-culture pillar worth checking out. It’s also a great spot for finding your new favorite album. Taylor Swift fan? Check them out. Notorious B.I.G. acolyte? Give them a shot. Heavy Heads Records is a great spot for finding some top-notch deals on vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and plenty of novelty items, books, and more.

Location: 215 W. Olive St.

3. EntertainMart

EntertainMart isn’t a local business, but it has a good selection of vinyl — especially if you’re looking for new releases. Plus, if you’re into gaming of any kind, you’ll have a good time perusing EntertainMart’s selection.

Location: 3040 S. Glenstone Ave.

4. Vintage Stock

Vintage Stock is EntertainMart’s parent company, so you’ll find a lot of the same releases there. Like EntertainMart, it’s a great spot to find collectibles, comics, movies, and music.

Locations: 2611 N. Kansas Exp. and 2908 S. Glenstone Ave.