In the latest in a back-and-forth between those who live in Galloway Village and one developer, Springfield City Council has filed an emergency bill to vote on a special election date.

A spokeswoman with the city says, if the bill is passed, the election would be slated for November 8, 2022.

Earlier this month, a Federal Appeals court unanimously ruled that voters should decide the fate of the potential development.

The original plans for the expansion included a multi-space building with retail options and an apartment complex.

A special election was scheduled in 2021, but a lawsuit was filed, and a judge sided with the developer, blocking the election before the appeals court vacated that decision.

KOLR10 tried to talk to several businesses in the area about the potential development and while some owners were not available for comment, some refused to comment on it.

Many in favor of the changes see it as a way to expand housing opportunities and to open shops while some people say increased foot and vehicle traffic wouldn’t be good for the area.

“I take my daughter to the park all the time, and I just feel like a lot of traffic would not be safe for her.” Joanna Little said. “Adding more to the population just feels like it’s a busy place already.”