FAYETTEVILLE, Ar. — Victim advocates in Arkansas are talking about an issue that often victimizes teenagers — human trafficking.

Supporters in Fayetteville came together to write letters of encouragement for victims of human trafficking.

Volunteers will deliver the cards on Valentine’s Day.

Kelly Beaton is one of those who came out to craft Valentine’s Day cards.

“I think even the smallest thing like a letter can make the biggest difference in their lives, maybe even bring a little bit of cheer and they deserve that,” Beaton said.

Arkansas has seen 337 human trafficking cases since 2007.

Brittany Bryant is with A21 NWA for Freedom, a nonprofit that helps victims in northwest Arkansas.

She says predators have targeted teens in the area.

But she says her group tries to offer hope.

“For us to come in and remedy that and restore their faith in humanity that yes they encountered these horrific people but there are people that care and people who love them despite what they have gone through and hope they can move forward,” Bryant said.

Human trafficking victims will receive more than 50 cards and letters from this weekend’s event.