GREENE COUNTY, Mo. – UPDATE: Defendant Tyson Fairley is now indicted by a Greene County Grand Jury on charges identical to those originally filed against him after being accused of multiple sex charges earlier this year.

The original charges were dismissed Tuesday and Fairley was booked under the new indictment Wednesday.

Fairley was released on $50,000 bond pending a court appearance January 22, 2019 before Judge Mountjoy.


Don’t drink and drive. That’s what we’re supposed to do. But police say 34-year-old Tyson Fairley, A Brookline Station man, took advantage of that to prey on women leaving the bars downtown by offering them a free ride and then assaulting them. 

He has now been charged with rape, sodomy and sexual abuse in the first degree for two separate incidents.  

One woman told police she was in a parking lot back in may when he approached her and gave her a card with the name “Jay” on it.

She said he dropped her friends off first, took her home and went into her apartment with her. She went to police the next morning. 

Another incident was reported this week. A woman told police last Thursday the same man assaulted her, too, after offering her and a friend a free ride home. 

Both victims told police they had not requested a driver through an app, but his card and stickers on his vehicle indicated he was a driver for a ride-sharing service. 

Some young people I spoke with say they feel safe using ride-sharing apps.

“They were also super nice people, I’ve never had a bad experience,” said Bailey Brown, a student.

But they’re still cautious. 

“I always think being in a group is safer than being alone, or just make sure someone knows where you’re at,” said Elijah Holt.   

“I always try to check the license plate with the license plate that the Uber app gives you,” said Brown. 

Their tip is sticking with your group and looking out for one another at the end of a night out. 

“I would honestly try and get a ride with somebody you know, if you can,” Brown. 

According to the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson, due to the nature of the investigation, it is believed that there may be additional victims, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Springfield Police Department at (417) 864-1810, or Crime Stoppers at (417) 869-8477. 

To view the probable cause statement, click here.