Tyreek Hill Returns to Camp after a leg injury


ST. JOSEPH, Mo- The Kansas City Chiefs took to the practice field today after kicking off training camp.

Fans from all across the Show-Me State showed up to Missouri Western University. And they were greeted with a big surprise: the return of Tyreek Hill.

The Wide Receiver was once again dancing on the practice field Friday in full pads after missing just a couple days with a bruised quad.

The team was confident he’d be back out here in no time showing off his speed and hands.

QB1 Patrick Mahomes said he was certain Hill’s injury wasn’t major and he was happy to be right back to hitting him with the long balls deep down the field.

“That’s what we’re here for: to try to push the ball downfield, especially in this training camp. You want to try to take advantage of those deep shots and get that timing down. I feel like we connected on those today. We’re going to keep working on that. Not just Tyreek, but with Demarcus Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, all those receivers. We’re going to keep trying to push the ball downfield and connect on those deep plays so whenever the season comes, we connect then,” says Mahomes.

With Hill back, the league’s top offense is getting closer and closer to full power.

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