JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Secretary of State Jason Kander has confirmed that two petitions to legalize marijuana will begin circulation.

A release from Kander’s office announced the two petitions would be on the 2018 ballot if enough signatures were amassed.

Both petitions would aim to legalize marijuana for personal, medical, and commercial purposes for anyone aged 21 and older, release and expunge records for those who have committed non-violent marijuana-related offenses, and create a five-percent tax on related retail sales, just to name a few items.

The increase in annual state tax revenues from the proposal are estimated at $17 million and would add additional state savings of $11 million. Local law enforcement costs could possibly increase.

Overall, the state’s implementation costs of such an endeavor would be around $150 million with operating costs averaging $700,000.

Signatures must reach the secretary of state’s office by May 6, 2018.