BRANSON, Mo. – Fourth of July weekend has business booming in Branson. Lots of travelers who headed down for the holiday said they booked their trip early.

Although gas prices have increased since then, they said it wasn’t going to stop them from making their way here.

“We actually had this reservation a year ago,” said traveler Brad Harris. “We wanted to stick with it. Again, because we really enjoy coming down here. That really didn’t impact this trip, but it has impacted some other camping trips that we would have liked to have done.”

At Scotty’s Trout Dock people started coming through the door on Friday to be near the lake.

“We not only have boat rentals; we have kayak rentals,” said Owner HP Wright.

Wright said it’s been busy, and it keeps picking up. He said people from all over come here specifically for the holiday.

“We usually try to come here twice a year. Once is usually Fourth of July,” said Harris.

Nearby resorts, like the Blue Haven, said people have to solidify their spot early for around this time.

“Usually, it’s about a year and a half out right now,” said Manager Gary Acton. “If you want your cabin. A lot of them want the particular cabin they had.”

People visiting said they might have to limit how many activities they do once they get here to try to save some money.