Today’s Top Medical News — January 15, 2016


E-cigarettes probably don’t help smokers who want to quit.  And can certain foods lower your risk of glaucoma? 

A new study suggests eating more spinach, kale, and broccoli may lower your risk of glaucoma by as much as 30-percent. Doctors in Boston report people with chronic optic nerve damage benefit from the nitrates in green leafy vegetables .. which can help blood circulation.

New data from the American Heart Association links poor sleep in the elderly with a higher risk of stroke and cognitive problems. Scientists found seniors with *fragmented sleep* had a 27-percent higher chance of severe hardening of the arteries.

And people using e-cigarettes to help taper off *real* cigarettes are much *less likely* to quit. That’s according to doctors at the University of California San Francisco. They found the odds of quitting 28-percent lower for smokers who *vape.*

(Kenneth Craig, CBS News)

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