Today’s Talkers and Viral Videos – May 6, 2016


Flavored finger nail polish, a near miss for a helicopter rescue mission and crying babies mean a free plane ticket.  They are some of the videos going viral today.

An aerial recovery effort on a Utah mountain almost turned catastrophic.
Newly released video from last September shows a chopper on a recovery mission hovering just feet from a cliff, when a volunteer’s safety rope gets caught in the rotor causing the chopper to bounce off the mountain side.
The pilot was able to regain control and land safely.
The incident happened at 10,000 feet and eyewitnesses say it was nothng short of a miracle.

We’ve all been there…You get on a flight and pray you won’t be stuck next to a crying baby.
Well, Jet Blue has made crying babies an airline passenger’s best friend.
On a flight from New York to LA, attendants promised fliers that for every crying baby all passengers would get a 25-percent discount.
Naturally, by the fourth fussy baby, passengers were cheering on the tears and everyone scored a free flight!
The event was aimed at promoting patience for traveling moms just in time for Mother’s Day.

You’re not supposed to bite your nails. But now there’s some nail polish that’s promising to be Finger Lickin’ Good.
KFC in Hong Kong is selling a flavored nail polish…
One is in the original recipe— it looks beige.
The other is hot and spicty… and looks more orange.
To use it, customers can paint the polish on their nails, let it dry, and lick away.
KFC says the polish is sourced from natural ingredients.
The company is asking customers to pick their favorite flavor to go into mass production.

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